Spin-phonon interaction in yttrium iron garnet




Olsson, Kevin S.
Choe, Jeongheon
Rodriguez-Vega, Martin
Khalsa, Guru
Benedek, Nicole A.
He, Jiaming
Fang, Bin
Zhou, Jianshi
Fiete, Gregory A.
Li, Xiaoqin

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Spin-phonon interaction is an important channel for spin and energy relaxation in magnetic insulators. Understanding this interaction is critical for developing magnetic insulator-based spintronic devices. Quantifying this interaction in yttrium iron garnet (YIG), one of the most extensively investigated magnetic insulators, remains challenging because of the large number of atoms in a unit cell. Here, we report temperature-dependent and polarization-resolved Raman measurements in a YIG bulk crystal. We first classify the phonon modes based on their symmetry. We then develop a modified mean-field theory and define a symmetry-adapted parameter to quantify spin-phonon interaction in a phonon-mode specific way in YIG. Based on this improved mean-field theory, we discover a positive correlation between the spin-phonon interaction strength and the phonon frequency.



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