A study of subdivision development on the Highland Lakes




Paulin, David R.

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The area bordering the Highland Lakes of Texas--Lakes Buchanan, Inks, Lyndon B. Johnson, Marble Falls, Travis, and Austin--has become one of Texas' most widely acclaimed recreation areas. People from as far away as Europe and Asia, as well as from every section of the United States, have fallen in love with the system of lakes in the scenic Texas Hill Country and have purchased land and built homes there, either to vacation in or to make their permanent homes. The owners of the prime, lake-front properties were predominantly local ranchers who, generally speaking, had neither the desire nor the ability to develop their highly sought-after land into small easily marketable pieces of property. Thus, the land developer entered the picture. It was his objective to convert the raw land into an area suitable for primarily residential purposes and then to market it at a profit. The primary purpose of this study is to determine what factors are involved in subdivision development that allow one parcel of land to degenerate into a relative slum, while land a short distance away is turned into a "Cadillac of residential resort communities