Adolescent E-Cigarette Users’ Perceptions of the Harm and Addictiveness of Conventional Cigarette Smoking




Owotomo, Olusegun
Maslowsky, Julie
Loukas, Alexandra

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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center



As the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise and their link with conventional cigarette smoking becomes clearer, it is important to understand how e-cigarette users compare with non-users, conventional cigarette smokers, and dual users on perceptions of addiction risk of conventional cigarette smoking as well as on other risk factors associated with smoking. PRC graduate student trainee Olusegun Owotomo, PRC faculty research associate Julie Maslowsky, and co-author Alexandra Loukas found that adolescent e-cigarette users endorsed a number of attitudes, perceptions, and characteristics that are risk factors for conventional cigarette smoking. These perceptions may leave them vulnerable to becoming conventional cigarette smokers or dual users in the future and potentially increase their risk for nicotine addiction.

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Owotomo, O., Maslowsky, J., Loukas, A. (2017). Adolescent e-cigarette users’ perceptions of the harm and addictiveness of conventional cigarette smoking. PRC Research Brief 2(13). DOI: