Geometric Challenges in Designing Parts for Machining using Wire-fed DED

Vaughan, D.M.
Meyer, L.
Masuo, C.
Nycz, A.
Noakes, M.W.
Vaughan, J.
Walters, A.
Carter, B.
Wallace, R.
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Wire-fed DED using MIG welding systems allows for high deposition rates above 30lbs/hr, enabling much larger parts to be printed than would be possible on other DED systems. However, a drawback to this high deposition rate is a relatively low bead resolution on the printed part. Post-processing using machining is usually required on any mating surfaces printed using wire-fed DED. Problems such as residual stress in the build plate and printed part, underbuilding, and path interpolations can all lead to insufficient material deposition and deviation from the desired shape. These areas where the printed part varies from the model can leave defects on post-processed surfaces. This paper will cover common geometry issues that can arise from wire-fed DED and design changes that can be made to ensure that the printed design contains the required material to achieve the finished part.