Geologic map of Bofecillos Mountains area, Trans-Pecos, Texas

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McKnight, John F.

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


The Bofecillos Mountains area of Trans-Pecos Texas contains a Tertiary volcanic vent and a varied sequence of lava flows, tuff, ash-flow tuff, and associated conglomerate, sandstone, and mudrock; after most of the volcanic activity had ceased, the area was block faulled and later dissected into a rugged high-standing terrain with striking exposures. The present study is a continuation of mapping in Trans-Pecos Texas supported by the Texas Geologic Atlas project of the Bureau of Economic Geology; emphasis in this report is placed primarily on thc volcanic stratigraphy and the structural and geomorphic evolution of these rocks to their present stage.


To obtain a print version of this publication visit: and search for: GQ0037. Accompanied by 1 fold-out map : Geologic Map of Bofecillos Mountains Area, Trans-Pecos Texas

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