The administration of veteran rehabilitation



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When the United States entered the World War, the government had made little preparation for the one inevitable responsibility the conflict would bring, that of caring for those disabled by the war. During this war the people of America were faced with the ever growing need of this group of physically and mentally handicapped; and now over sixteen years after the cessation of hostilities, the problem of their care has reached stupendous proportions and demands greater consideration than any other consequence of the World War. The care of the World War veterans is universally known by the term "rehabilitation." The problem of veteran care includes such factors as (1) a review of the origin of veteran rehabilitation and the tracing of its historic development from the beginning of organized, national warfare, (2) an understanding of the generally accepted, current ideas and attitudes on the subject, (3) a consideration of the changing meaning of rehabilitation and the expanding use of the term, (4) an inspection of its organization and administration, (5) an examination of its controlling policies, supervision and supports, (6) a study of the development of its growing programs, (7) a differentiation in types of rehabilitation, (8) an explanation of the generosity in extension of privileges, (9) a recapitulation of educational results, and (10) a resume of the contribution to all types of social rehabilitation. The phases of the larger problem of veteran rehabilitation that will be treated are (1) physical rehabilitation or restoration to health, (2) educational rehabilitation such as academic training or professional schooling, and (3) vocational rehabilitation or technical training directed toward refitting the patient into an old trade or reeducating him for economic independence, and (4) social rehabilitation or attempts at counteracting social maladjustments that might be acquired by a patient through continued hospital experiences