Water quality of Texas bays (nutrients, trace elements and toxic compounds)




Oppenheimer, Carl H.
Brogden, William B.
Isensee, Thomas

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This manuscript is designed to compare the nutrient balances and trace element significance in Texas Bays and Estuaries. The task of assigning water quality criteria in all estuarine waters rests with the federal Environmental Protection Agency. However, the Texas Bays and Estuaries represent a unique range of environments of the U.S. Coast that stand alone and therefore must be assigned standards appropriate to the environment. Therefore we have compared several Texas Bays relative to nutrients and trace elements through an analysis of data from our files, a life history data bank from literature survey, a study of the Corpus Christi area, personal communication with a wide range of individuals and information from the Texas Water Quality Board, Texas Water Development Board, the U.S. Geological Survey and the State Health Department.
May 30, 1974
Taken in part from a report on Development of Biological Criteria, Establishment of Guidelines for Texas Coast Management IAC-(74-75)-0685 NSF RANN-61-34870x