Processing of Piezocomposites via Solid Freeform Fabrication (SFF)




Bandyopadhyay, A.
Panda, R. K.
Janas, V. F.
Danforth, S. C.
Safari, A.

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Fused Deposition and Sanders prototyping were used to manufacture PZT-polymer composites with various architecture for transducer applications. Two separate processing routes, direct and indirect, were utilized to make these composites. In the direct processing route, Fused Deposition of ceramics (FDC) was used to form green ceramic structures. For the indirect processing route, molds ofthe negative of the structures were made using FDM™ and Sanders prototyping techniques. Molds were infiltrated with a PZT slurry and dried. These structures were subjected to a binder bum out cycle to remove the mold polymer and binder. Structures were sintered and infiltrated with an acoustic epoxy, cut, polished and poled for electro-mechanical characterization. Among the various composites produced via the direct and indirect processes were: 3D honeycomb, 3-3 ladder, 2-2 annular and 1-3 rods. Composites with features as fine as 50 f.lm were manufactured and characterized. Properties ofpiezoelectric composites produced by SFF techniques compared to conventionally processed composites.


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