Energy-efficient mobile Web computing




Zhu, Yuhao

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Next-generation Web services will be primarily accessed through mobile devices. However, mobile devices are low-performance and stringently energy-constrained. In my dissertation, I propose the design of a high-performance and energy-efficient mobile Web computing substrate. It is a hardware/software co-designed system that delivers satisfactory user quality-of-service (QoS) experience on a mobile energy budget. The key insight is that the traditional interfaces between different Web stacks need to be enhanced with new abstractions that express user QoS experience and that expose architectural-level complexities. On the basis of the enhanced interfaces, I propose synergistic cross-layer optimizations across the processor architecture, Web runtime, programming language, and application layers to maximize the whole system efficiency. The contributions made in this dissertation will likely have a long-term impact because the target application domain, the Web, is becoming a universal mobile development platform, and because our solutions target the fundamental computation layers of the Web domain.


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