AMS :: ATX February 2016 Blog Archive  


AMS :: ATX is a blog dedicated to representing the many activities and interests of the department of American Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Together with the department’s Twitter feed, this blog exists to serve the AMS and Austin communities by acting as a hub for up-to-date information on events and opportunities at UT and beyond.


Contents: Announcement: Light & Life: St. Louis Cemetery NO.1 Reframed Through the Lens of John Pinderhughes -- Grad Research: Kirsten Ronald and the Public History of the Red River District -- Grad Research: Julie Kantor in the LARB -- Emily Roehl and Jeannette Vaught Giving Talks on Friday 2/12 -- Announcement: BlaxploItalian -- Announcement: Lecture by Dr. Katherine Capshaw -- Announcement: Dr. Lisa Duggan, “Normativity and Its Discontents” -- Announcement: Dr. Jane Ward, “Not Gay: The Homosexual Ingredient in the Making of Straight, White Men” -- Announcement: Imagined Futures

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