White Paper: Pop-Up Institute: Seeing the tree and the forest: Understanding the causes and consequences of individual and population variation in biology, medicine, and society




Solomon-Lane, Tessa K
Hofmann, Hans A

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The Pop-Up Institute "Seeing the Tree and the Forest: Understanding Individual and Population Variation in Biology, Medicine, and Society" brought together researchers from UT Austin’s College of Natural Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, and Dell Medical School to identify the most promising questions about individual and population variation, establish a unique and comprehensive research plan, and develop solutions to shared problems that limit progress (e.g., Big Data analysis). By aligning similar research efforts across disciplines, this Institute aimed to establish a lasting framework for novel collaborations to conduct transformative research with real-world, positive outcomes for humans and society.


This white paper is intended as an internal report back. It describes: the scientific background, the institute personnel and structure, our preparation, events, fellowships, content and products from the events, including Launching the Future, communication strategies, final survey results, the agenda for discussions with the UT Austin Vice President for Research, and future directions.

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