Ultra-thin plasmonic detectors

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Nordin, Leland
Petluru, Priyanka
Kamboj, Abhilasha
Muhowski, Aaron J.
Wasserman, Daniel

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Optica Publishing


Plasmonic materials, and their ability to enable strong concentration of optical fields, have offered a tantalizing foun- dation for the demonstration of sub-diffraction-limit photonic devices. However, practical and scalable plasmonic optoelectronics for real world applications remain elusive. In this work, we present an infrared photodetector leverag- ing a device architecture consisting of a “designer” epitaxial plasmonic metal integrated with a quantum-engineered detector structure, all in a mature III-V semiconductor material system. Incident light is coupled into surface plasmon- polariton modes at the detector/designer metal interface, and the strong confinement of these modes allows for a sub-diffractive (∼λ0/33) detector absorber layer thickness, effectively decoupling the detector’s absorption efficiency and dark current. We demonstrate high-performance detectors operating at non-cryogenic temperatures (T= 195 K), without sacrificing external quantum efficiency, and superior to well-established and commercially available detectors. This work provides a practical and scalable plasmonic optoelectronic device architecture with real world mid-infrared applications.



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Leland Nordin, Priyanka Petluru, Abhilasha Kamboj, Aaron J. Muhowski, and Daniel Wasserman, "Ultra-thin plasmonic detectors," Optica 8, 1545-1551 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1364/OPTICA.438039