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Trudo, Michelle

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My methodology explores the production of meaning through the accumulation of images over time, as well as strategies of visual representation through sequencing images. The subject matter my work addresses encompasses many complex and interwoven social and cultural issues surrounding the construction of gender as identity. I have found that my methodology is constructed in parallel with my perception of gender-identity; gender is perpetually constructed and re-constructed, it is fluid, unstable and it is spatially and temporally fragmented. I will begin by discussing the issues of presentation and representation as they relate to the sequencing of images over time. I will subsequently state that sequences of images form a system of signification. Then I will traverse into a discussion of the single image and the way it is represented (both literally and metaphorically) as a frame in order to suggest a point of view(s) through fragmentation. It is my intention to discuss my design process as a strategy of critically questioning the dominant conventions of image production, representation, and the construction of gender. I see my design work as a series of representational strategies, situated within the personal context of collected experiences and influence. Such an approach allows me to formulate a dynamic methodology throughout my projects, which conveys my view that no single image represents one single point of view. As a result, multiple narratives co-exist as codes with multiple meanings.



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