An evaluation framework for future privacy protection systems




Liau, David

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This research offers a tool bringing together the UT Center for Identity (CID) Identity Ecosystem, game theory and Markov decision processes to generate and evaluate the best strategy for defending against the theft of personal identity information. This research conducts a simulation-based study to evaluate and evolve the efficacy of identity protection strategies. In doing so, the research develops a universally applicable tool for evaluating and recommending identity protection strategies in general. Leveraging the UT CID Identity Ecosystem and its underlying Bayesian network model representation of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), this research delivers a dynamic version of UT CID Identity Ecosystem as a universal identity protection system evaluation framework. We aim to understand how initial individual PII exposure evolves into crucial PII breaches over time in a dynamic Identity Ecosystem. we further provide quantitative analysis to differentiate and measure identity protection strategies and their characteristics.


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