Laboratory and field investigations on the use of lithium nitrate to prevent or mitigate alkali-silica reaction

East, Bradley Lamar, 1981-
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This research project, funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA Project DTFH61-02-C-0097), focuses mainly on alkali-silica reaction (ASR) studies and ways to mitigate the effects of alkali-silica reaction in fresh and existing concrete. A major component to this project was the investigation of a new test method for reactive aggregates. A more reliable accelerated test method was sought for determining an aggregates susceptibility to alkali-silica reaction. Also, a new test method was utilized in finding faults associated with existing accelerated test methods. Lithium use was also studied as a way of alleviating deleterious effects caused by ASR. Studies involving the use of lithium admixtures in fresh concrete for long term testing were analyzed for this project, as well as, topical applications of lithium on existing concrete structures for three field investigations.