Angular correlation of gamma-gamma coincidence measurements for neutron activation analysis

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Smith, Kevin George

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The angular correlation of coincident gamma-rays emitted from Europium-152 (¹⁵²Eu) was determined by measuring coincident gamma-rays at multiple distances and detector orientations. Due to the nature of ¹⁵²Eu, it is possible to look at coincident gamma-rays produced during beta minus (β-) decay and electron capture. By looking at the 344 keV and 778 keV coincident gamma-rays which result from β- decay, and the 121 keV and 244 keV coincident gamma-rays from electron capture, an angular correlation coefficient (W) was calculated. The W for gamma-gamma coincidence produced by electron capture was higher when the detectors were at or close to parallel (180°). The W for gamma-gamma coincidence for β- decay was higher as the angle between detectors approached perpendicular (90°).


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