Uncovered roots : creating a culture of literacy in the Gardner/Alma community

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Lozano, Monica Graciela

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The creation of the cultural history of the Biblioteca Latinoamericana a branch of the San José Public Library system as seen through the avenues of oral history, storytelling and a community archive housed in San José, CA. This thesis discusses how oral histories and storytelling create the cultural history of the Biblioteca Latinoamericana. A community group that wanted their language and cultures to be represented in a local library space founded the Biblioteca Latinoamericana. This group did not want to add to the current library, but wanted to create a separate library to meet their needs. The space became not only the location to acquire and disperse knowledge but also a place to create community and culture. The oral histories collected for this research have across the board emphasized the notation of community and culture through activism. This research gathers oral histories in order to create a living history for the Biblioteca Latinoamericana. Therefore, this research will be guided by the following questions: How is the Biblioteca Latinoamericana a space of social justice? How does my oral history research act as a form of social justice for the Biblioteca Latinoamericana? How does the space of the Biblioteca Latinoamericana create culture, history, and community?


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