Addressing Homophobic Bullying in Schools: Punitive Versus Supportive Strategies




Day, Jack

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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center



This brief, based on PRC faculty research associate Stephen Russell's and postdoctoral fellow Jack Day and colleague's article in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity entitled, "Supportive, Not Punitive, Practices Reduce Homophobic Bullying and Improve School Connectedness," highlights the best practices preventing homophobic bullying in schools, an important issue as U.S. states consider how to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (the replacement for the No Child Left Behind Act). The brief shows that schools with supportive practices, such as counseling services and a case-by-case approach to discipline, have better outcomes than schools with punitive, “zero tolerance” practices.

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Day, J. K. (2016). Addressing homophobic bullying in schools: punitive versus supportive strategies. PRC Research Brief, 1(4).