Excavations at Metaponto, 1979




Institute of Classical Archaeology

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University of Texas at Austin


The annual report is about the excavations directed by the Institute of Classical Archaeology in the hinterland of Metaponto in South Italy. The scope of this project is to explore the countryside around the ancient city and to establish the habitation pattern and the social and economic relations between the urban and the rural communities. The report describes the excavation of various settlements at Metaponto (for example, a 4th - 3rd century farmhouse at S. Angelo Vecchio, pottery deposits on a hilltop at S. Angelo Vecchio, and 5th century BC tombs, with stone sarcophagi, well-preserved skeletons and impressive tomb gifts). It also describes the excavation of four small kilns related to a tile factory; misfired plaques and terracotta molds were found near the kilns and provide information about industrial production of ceramics in this area.


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Edlund, I.E.M. 1979. Excavations at Metaponto, 1979 . Austin: Institute of Classical Archaeology.