Localization using natural landmarks off-field for robot soccer




He, Yuchen

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Localization is an important problem that must be resolved in order for a robot to make an estimation of its location based on observation and odometry updates. Relying on artificial landmarks such as the lines, circles, and goalposts in the robot soccer domain, current robot localization requires prior knowledge and suffers from uncertainty problems due to partial observation, and thus is less generalizable compared to human beings, who refer to their surroundings for complimentary information. To improve the certainty of the localization model, we propose a framework that recognizes orientation by actively using natural landmarks from the off-field surroundings, extracting these visual features from raw images. Our approach involves identifying visual features and natural landmarks, training with localization information to understand the surroundings, and prediction based on matching of features. This approach can increase the precision of robot orientation and improve localization accuracy by eliminating uncertain hypotheses, and in addition, it is also a general approach that can be extended and applied to other localization problems as well.



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