Photodynamic activity of sapphyrins

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Anthony M. Harriman
Jonathan L. Sessler
Bhaskar G. Maiya

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


The present invention includes a method to produce singlet oxygen from molecular oxygen generated by reaction with a sapphyrin compound excited at an absorbing wavelength to form a triplet species. Specifically, the sapphyrin compound is an alkylated sapphyrin, most preferably diprotonated 3,8,12,13,17,22-hexaethyl-2,7,18,23-tetramethylsapphyrin. Generation of the triplet species may be accomplished in an organic solvent, of which the most preferable solvents are chloroform, methanol or acetonitrile. Also encompassed within the present invention is a method to selectively produce singlet oxygen in an aqueous environment. A sapphyrin compound is incorporated within a membranous vesicle, the vesicle is illuminated with exciting light and the resultant excited triplet state sapphyrin compound reacts with molecular oxygen to produce singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen was not generated external to the vesicle where the sapphyrin compound is present in an aqueous medium.



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