An Integrated Software System for Process Planning for Layered Manufacturing

Marsan, Anne L.
Allen, Seth
Kulkarni, Prashant
Dutta, Deba
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An integrated process planning system for layered manufacturing (LM) reduces the time between design and part fabrication and improves the quality of the final part. Process planning for most LM processes includes part orientation, support structure generation, slicing, and path planning. In this paper we describe an integrated process planning system we are developing. Our software accommodates both novel and traditional design models as input, and supports a variety of LM processes. The modules described in this paper include Solid Builder Module, which generates a solid model from design data such as medical images, surface functions, or digital elevation models; Orientation Module, which determines the optimal build orientation of a part and automatically generates the support structures required; and Adaptive Slicing Module, which adaptively slices the part.