Glossary 9

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Snell, Rupert
Ladha, Neha
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Hindi Urdu Flagship
These recordings introduce the main vocabulary used in Complete Hindi (formerly Teach Yourself Hindi); but they can be used independently of any book, and should be useful for anyone beginning to learn Hindi. We give the Hindi equivalents for common English words and expressions, show how they can be used in context, and drill some of them. The idea is simply to make the words come alive as you hear them pronounced; you’ll also pick up some useful phrases, and reading the words on screen will help you develop your recognition of the Hindi script. Occasionally we throw in a little conversation or a little grammar. Just listen and absorb; pause the recording if you want to repeat something, or to jump in with the appropriate Hindi word before you hear it! The speakers here are Rupert Snell and Neha Ladha.