Powder Delivery in Dental Restoration Rapid Prototyping Process

Wang, Jiwen
Li, Xiaoxuan
Shaw, Leon L.
Marcus, Harris L.
Cameron, Thomas B.
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Rapid prototyping of dental restoration has been investigated for its potential to save time and cost. In this paper, a powder delivery system was developed to deliver dental porcelain powder accurately into 2-D shapes for dental restoration. Aqueous suspension of the porcelain was prepared as the vehicle for the powder delivery. An integrated dry and wet ball-milling process was developed to reduce the particle size and minimize agglomeration. The reduction in particle size and minimization of agglomeration increased the suspension stability. The optimization of the pH value of the suspension also provided an additional means to achieve the stability and reduce the viscosity of the suspension. With the optimization of the particle size, pH value and solid concentration in the suspension, desired powder shapes were successfully delivered.