The role of Latinx child-parent acculturation gap on internalizing disorders and academic performance




Thompson, Danielle

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Research on the relationship between acculturation and youth internalizing disorders and youth academic performance has been conflicting. Some studies have shown that when Latinx parents and children have an acculturation gap, youth are more likely to exhibit anxious and depressive symptoms. Other studies show that youth who were more associated with their Latinx culture were more at risk for internalizing symptoms. Other research indicates that a narrower parent-child acculturation gap was associated with problem classroom behaviors and decreases in academic engagement for students. In another study, parent and youth acculturation gaps were associated with decreasing academic performance. The proposed study strives to examine how the parent-child acculturation gap is related to youth internalizing disorders and youth academic performance while controlling for parent education level, socioeconomic status, time in residence in the United States for parents and for youth, gender of parents and youth, and age of parents and youth.


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