Time series models of the electrical conductivity measured at the Manchar Lake in Pakistan

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Zehra, Syeda Mahe

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The Manchar Lake in Pakistan is in danger. So are the native fisher folk that populate the area and lake. The lake is undergoing water quality degradation due to both a decrease in the amount of freshwater inflow and an increase in the polluted agricultural run-off. The fish in the lake are dying and some fish species are becoming extinct, the people living on and around the lake are facing severe health risks, migratory birds are no longer stopping at the Manchar Lake and agriculture in the area is also suffering.

This report focuses on time-series modeling and analysis of water quality data from Manchar Lake. We evaluate data for three sites within the Manchar Lake and complete time series models and analysis for two sites. Particular attention is given to the Electrical Conductivity data of the lake. The approach to modeling and time series analysis provide an example of potential uses of measured data to recognize shifts in water quality within the context of potential insights and recommendations about lake management in the area.



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