Nitrogen bases from pyrolysis of cottonseed meal



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This investigation has disclosed that a very complex mixture of nitrogen bases is produced in pyrolysis of cottonseed meal. From this source in addition to pyridines, quinoline, homologs of quinoline and isoquinoline, there are obtained bases of a high nitrogen content which are probably diazines. Compounds of the latter type have not been encountered in the distillates of coal, shale, bones or petroleum. There is no reason to believe that naphthenic bases, such as occur in petroleum, distillates, can be obtained from cottonseed meal. The kero base, 2,3,8-trimethylquinoline was isolated. The investigation of the meal bases, especially as concerns the high boiling fractions, is rendered difficult by their pronounced tendency to decompose with tar formation. Previous investigations in this field have been confined to a study of the pyrolysis of pure proteins which leads to a very simple mixture of bases