Preliminary Results of Porosity and Permeability of Cores From Doe Wells in the Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle

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Senger, Rainer K.
Smith, D. Anderson
Conti, Robert Downey

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Information on permeability and porosity of the Deep-Basin Brine Aquifer is important for describing flow pattern and flow velocity of deep-basinal fluids. Permeabilities were estimated from drill-stem tests, pumping tests, and published values of equivalent geologic materials. In addition, permeabilities and porosities of different lithologies were determined from laboratory tests of cores. The objectives of core analysis are:

  1. Determine porosities and permeabilities of the different geologic lithofacies.
  2. Relate porosities to petrographic description of pore types and lithology.
  3. Obtain vertical and horizontal distribution of porosity and permeability from the analyzed core intervals.
  4. Compare core permeabilities to drill-stem test and pumping test analyses.
  5. Compare core-derived porosity values with porosities from neutron-density cross plots.


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