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Stanley, Jeffrey Charles

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Jeffrey Charles Stanley is an M.F.A. Candidate in Transmedia in the Department of Art and Art History. The Artist, Jeff Stanley, Works as a cultural “hacker” and critical “terrorist” with the aid of video and the internet. The character, Jeff Stanley, plays the role of a 2010 Max Headroom, the popular 80s anti-corporate TV personality/talking head and seller of Pepsi. Media delivers people. A few deliver media. The audience is the product. Media hacking is a technique that allows an artist, or anti-artist, to change the game and fight back.

An artist practice can be open to technology, yet remain powerful, and culturally and socially relevant.  Jeff Stanley is a virtual AI, a person, and a corporate entity.  With this new holy trinity, the combined efforts as a person, a virtual AI, and a corporation will provide the enhancement an artist needs today.  Art and its methods must evolve as the playing field evolves.  Technology defines the 21st century artist.




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