Recognizing the History of Black Magazine Publishing in the US

Chambers, Eddie
Doroba, Mark (Photographer)
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"Recognizing the History of Black Magazine Publishing in the US" is an exhibition curated by Art & Art History Department Prof. Eddie Chambers. The display features important issues of Ebony, the legendary monthly magazine for the African-American market, (somewhat based on Life magazine) and founded by John H. Johnson in Chicago in the fall of 1945. A digest-sized sister magazine, Jet (somewhat based on the Readers’ Digest format) was founded by the Johnson Publishing Company in 1951. Copies are included in this display. In 1973, the Johnson Publishing Company expanded its readership to include children by producing Ebony Jr!. Targeting Black children in the five to eleven age-range, the magazine featured stories, comics, puzzles, and cartoons. Its contents combined elements of Black culture, Black history, and elementary school curriculum. The publication remained in print until 1985. Copies are included in this display, as are copies of magazines and journals such as Black World, Negro Digest, and Freedomways, publications that are a reminder of the breadth, depth, and reach of Black magazine publishing in the US, during the 20th century.