An experimental study of furnace sintering solid state electrolytes

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Solid-state electrolytes play a pivotal role in advancing lithium-ion battery technologies by providing a stable and secure medium for ion transport within batteries. Unlike conventional liquid electrolytes, solid-state alternatives enhance the mechanical integrity of battery devices, preventing issues like leakage and ensuring longevity. Additionally, these electrolytes facilitate the design of thinner and more lightweight batteries, addressing the demand for portable technology solutions. There are many solid electrolyte designs and processes, however, with inconsistent results, along with many different setups that lead to varying conclusions. In this research, experiments were conducted to study the furnace sintering process of solid electrolytes. The samples were sandwiched between two pieces of high temperature plates to provide a compression force. This process is sought to solve the issue of warpages when manufacturing solid-state electrolytes. The results indicate that while fused quartz glass cannot effectively decrease the warpage, other materials were successful in this development. The study explores the effects of compression, sintering temperature, and heating and cooling rate on warpage of furnace sintered solid electrolyte discs.


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