Analysis of Contemporary Welfare Reform Issues: Sexual Inequities; Regionalism and Fiscal Relief; and the Impact of Undocumented Aliens on the Welfare System, PRP 28, Vol 3




Rhodes, Lodis
Villanueva, Augusta M.

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




The four-volume Welfare Reform Proje ct Report results from policy research conducted by the LBJ School of Public Affairs during the 1977-78 academic year...The specific task was to aid DHR in developing and testing an independence-fostering approach to the delivery of public assistance and employment services. The Family Independence Plan (FIP), as conceived by OHR officials, was the approach developed and refined during the course of the research activities reported on herein. FIP is a comprehensive service delivery mechanism for overcoming barriers that reduce services under existing entitlement programs. A key objective of the welfare reform project was to develop a fundable proposal for field testing, administering, and evaluating a demonstration FIP program . Volume III contains analyses of three issues that have particular relevance for Texas.

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