Geothermal Resource Assessment for the State of Texas: Appendices A-D

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Woodruff, Jr., C. M.

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This appendix depicts locations of wells that constitute our geothermal database. The locations are shown alphabetically by county on a series of computer-derived plots. This folio contains data for 138 counties (see table A-1 and fig. A-1), and a total of 2,440 wells constitute the points plotted (see fig. A-2). Each data point is identified by its numeric county code (specific to this project) that corresponds to the map location keyed to the topical data in Appendix B.

The original locational data were digitized from maps at various scales and projections; hence, due to consistency problems among the various map bases, county boundaries were not digitized and are not presented here. Instead, all 7.5-minute latitude/longitude intersections are plotted, and for reference, one set of major latitude/longitude coordinates for each county is labeled. Asterisks are plotted at selected points on the county boundary to provide users of these cryptic plots some indication of county shape. Each map is accompanied by a county index map to provide graphic information on location within the state and the areal extent of each plot. For especially large counties, we sometimes show only the part of the county for which we have data. However, the county index map alerts the user to such deviations.


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