Understanding the barriers, facilitators & predictors of recruitment & retention in research for Latinx families : a mixed methods community-based participatory research informed study




Esperanza, Catherine Elizabeth

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Recruitment and retention challenges have led to inadequate representation of low-SES Latinx families in research, despite the increased risk for mental health problems and higher stress levels related to disparities in socioeconomic status (SES), acculturation, discrimination, and access to resources in Latinx youth (Costello et al., 2003; Canino & Roberts, 2001; Grant et al., 2003; Hussain-Gambles et al., 2004). The proposed mixed methods study seeks to study the child, parent, family, and neighborhood characteristics predictive of Latinx families’ recruitment and retention in a longitudinal study. Recruitment, retention, and study data from a longitudinal study will be analyzed using regressions to understand quantitative predictors of study engagement and to inform the qualitative phase of the study. A subset of parents and children from the longitudinal study will be interviewed qualitatively to explore factors that contributed to their study enrollment and engagement.


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