Recharge Rates for the Major Aquifers

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The attached table contains recharge rates for 8 major aquifers including the Carrizo-Wilcox, Gulf Coast, High Plains, Edwards-Trinity, Trinity, Seymour, Cenozoic Pecos Alluvium, and Hueco-Mesilla Bolson aquifers. Recharge rates for the Edwards aquifer can be found in Slattery et al., 1998, and in annual reports published by the Edwards Aquifer Authority (e.g., EAA, 2000). Recharge data were compiled from reports published by the Texas Water Development Board, U.S. Geological Survey, and other publications. The table lists the study areas (counties or general area), underlying aquifers, recharge rates (units of mm/yr, inches/yr, or total recharge in acre-feet/yr), data sources, and techniques used to estimate recharge. Additional notes are provided in some cases. The full reference citations are listed separately.


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