Development of Virtual Surgical Planning Models and a Patient Specific Surgical Resection Guide for Treatment of a Distal Radius Osteosarcoma using Medical 3D Modelling and Additive Manufacturing Process

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Mohammed, Mazher Iqbal
Ridgway, Mark Gerard
Gibson, Ian

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University of Texas at Austin


In this study we will assess the design and fabrication of a patient-specific resection guide to augment surgical procedures, such as bone grafts and implant placement. Medical imaging data was used to form a 3-dimensional, digital template model of the target anatomy to incorporate surface topography information into the guide. The surgical guide was then designed to incorporate slots for bone cutting, holes for drilling of fixation points, and an optimised geometry which ensure ease of placement and use. The final device was then manufactured using additive manufacturing, to accurately replicate the complex surface topography and design features. To validate the design, the target patient anatomy was replicated using additive manufacturing and a ‘mock’ surgery was performed to assess the device performance. We found our design allowed for efficient placement and use during the mock surgery, confirming the potential of the devised process as a robust methodology for clinical implementation.


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