Rehabilitation of 1108 Olive Street

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Hendley, Ingeborg Charlotte

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This report proposes to create an historic preservation plan for the rehabilitation of 1108 Olive Street, a National Register Eligible Building, to remain a residence. The plan calls for rehabilitating the house while maintaining its architectural integrity in an economical manner. In addition to revealing the architectural importance of the house, 1108 Olive’s evaluation serves as a guideline for maintaining its architectural significance and historic fabric by informing the development of the rehabilitation plan. This plan assesses the building’s condition and includes recommendations for maintenance and repair of the existing structure based on the criteria found in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Divided into two primary sections, the first part of the project provides cultural context, documentation, and an outline of current conditions for 1108 Olive, while the second section presents the rehabilitation plan. Findings are presented through both written and visual aids, including photographs, measured drawings, and maps. A condition assessment and rehabilitation plan based on the research are presented through written documentation.




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