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Imperatore, Christine Sarah

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This report is a collection of articles that represent the style, content and idea of what can be found in any bridal magazine. The report consists of five features about individual weddings from different parts of Texas, including a Houston couple’s destination wedding in Turks and Caicos. Each of the individual wedding features shows the bride’s point of view and explores the planning process, wedding themes and overall feel of the wedding day itself. As a whole, the report shows the variation of wedding styles, traditions and approaches across different parts of Texas, as well as a current trend in the wedding industry – elaborate elopements. The report is written in a way that allows for each of the four articles to stand alone and possibly gain publication in a bridal magazine, while also following a cohesive style and theme so that they may be viewed as a collection. This report is representative of what is being published in Texas bridal magazines today and includes photographs from real weddings. Bridal magazines will publish information like this in order to help inspire other weddings and direct couples to different wedding vendors and services.



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