Praxis Vol 15, No 2: From the Editors




Hooker, Tristin
Riddick, Sarah

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We here at Praxis are proud to present you with our Spring 2018 issue, “Support in the Writing Center.” For this issue, we have brought together articles that examine a wide range of student and tutor needs, with the goal of making the work of the writing center and of education more equitable, accessible, and sustainable. In some ways, this theme may seem redundant; writing centers are so often identified so closely with “support” in education. Yet, those of us who work in writing centers know that our work is never static. As we continue to deepen our understanding of what happens in our schools and in our centers, and as we work to serve students from diverse backgrounds with equally diverse needs, the need to examine all of our potential for working more effectively, both for students’ sake and for tutors’ sakes. In our practice and in our scholarship, we not only should but must strive to explore each new avenue that grants greater access. We must pursue and develop the skills that keep all of us coming back to the center.


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