Retrofit of deficient lap splice with post-installed anchors

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Beiter, Katelyn Sean

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As concrete infrastructure ages or is re-purposed, there is an increasing need for efficient retrofit solutions, with deficient lap splices being one of many research areas. A possible method to increase the capacity of deficient lap splices is to use post-installed undercut anchors. These anchors function as active confinement in the splice region, potentially allowing members with inadequate lap splice lengths to reach the required design capacity. The solution presented in this thesis requires access to only one face of the reinforced concrete specimen, which could facilitate implementation on existing structures. However, limited research has been done on the use of post-installed anchors as a retrofit strategy for lap splices, and previous research on the retrofit of deficient lap splices has focused primarily on the use of either carbon fiber or metal jackets. To evaluate the capabilities of this retrofit solution, four large-scale tests on beam specimens have been completed at The University of Texas at Austin. The first specimen tested contained the full lap splice length as required by ACI 318-71 provisions, while in the other three, only half of that lap splice length was provided. The specimen with the full lap splice length was tested as a control specimen and one of the specimens with half the lap splice length was tested without a retrofit to determine baseline behavior. These tests formed the basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the retrofit techniques implemented on the other two specimens. Results from these tests indicated that post-installed anchors could enhance both the strength and ductility of members with deficient lap splices, but the enhanced members demonstrated limited ductility.


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