Five Decades of Haitian Painting: Selections from the Green-Christian Collection




Ragbir, Lise
Doroba, Mark (photogapher)

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“Five Decades of Haitian Painting: Selections from the Green-Christian Collection” The University of Texas at Austin’s ’ John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies is currently hosting an exhibition of Haitian painting that spans five decades, almost all of Haiti’s regional divisions, and a range of styles and eras. The exhibition features paintings selected from the collection of Rudy Green and Joyce Christian by curator, Lise Ragbir. This exhibition indicates something of the expanse and depth of Haitian painting, while demonstrating that Haitian art is a cornerstone of Caribbean art. Well-known contemporary Haitian artists Frantz Zephirin, Madsen Mompremier, Edouard Duval Carrié and Philippe Dodard, are exhibited alongside artists from an earlier generation including Pierre-Joseph Valcin, Tamara Baussan and Louverture Poisson. Influenced by African slaves, indigenous Caribbean cultures, Spanish and French Colonialism, American power and contemporary politics, Haitian art reveals much of the country’s fascinating history, intriguing religion and complex cultural expressions. The exhibition will be on view from September through December, 2013, in the ISESE Gallery, Jester Building, the University of Texas Campus in Austin, TX Concurrent to “Five Decades of Haitian Painting: Selections from the Green-Christian Collection”, the Fine Arts Library is hosting two displays of archival material relating to the art of Haiti, including a selection of the library’s publications on the subject. Photos and design by Mark Doroba



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