Assessing terrestrial nitrogen dynamics in land surface models : impacts on water and carbon balances and implications for environmental modeling



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Land Surface Models (LSMs) are crucial for understanding the diverse impacts of climate variability, encompassing floods, droughts, and human-induced factors like urbanization and agriculture on water, carbon, and nitrogen dynamics. This dissertation aims to evaluate the Noah-MP LSM's performance with explicit Carbon and Nitrogen components (Noah-MP-CN). It assesses the consequences of integrating terrestrial nitrogen dynamics into carbon and water simulations, evaluates nitrogen leaching processes, and explores factors influencing land nitrogen memory. Chapter 1 emphasizes the importance of incorporating terrestrial nitrogen dynamics into LSMs. Chapter 2 focuses on the Texas Gulf region, revealing enhanced representations of key variables in Noah-MP-CN. Chapters 3 and 4 delve into basin-scale spatiotemporal variabilities for the San Antonio and Guadalupe River Basins, identifying strengths and weaknesses in simulating nitrogen leaching and exploring land nitrogen memory effects. Chapter 5 summarizes core findings, acknowledges limitations, and outlines future research paths. The research's implications are substantial, especially with Noah-MP's adoption by major forecasting centers, influencing future model developments in the broader land-river-ocean environmental context.


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