The Geology of the Shafter Silver Mine District, Presidio County, Texas




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Contents: Location and limitation of the District (p.7) -- Topography (p.7) -- The Chinati mountains (p.7) -- The uplands of Cibolo and Cienega creeks (p.8) -- The gravel flats of the Rio Grande (p.9) -- Drainage (p.9) -- 8tratigraphy (p.9) -- The sedimentary rocks (p.11) -- The Chinati series (p.11) -- The Cieneguita beds (p.13) -- The Alta beds (p.15) -- The dark shales (p.15) -- The yellow sand (p.18) -- The Cibolo limestones (p.18) -- The transition beds (p.18) -- The lower brecciated zone (p.20) -- The zone of sponge spicules (p.21) -- The thin-bedded zone (21) -- The yellow limestone (p.22) -- Geographic conditions (p.23) -- Correlations (p.23) -- The Cretaceous rocks (p.25) -- The Presidio beds (p.25) -- Sections (p.27 – 30) -- General character (p.29) – Fossils (p.30) -- Correlation (p.30) -- The Rhafter beds (p.30) -- Exposures (p.31-38) -- Fossils of the Shafter beds (p.37) -- Correlations (p.38) -- Geographical conditions (p.38) -- The Edwards limestone (p.39) -- The Del Rio clay [?] (p.39) -- The Buda limestone[?] (p.40) -- The land drift (p.40) -- The Rio Grande drift (p.41) -- The igneous rocks (p.42) -- Laccolitic bosses (p.42) -- Dikes and intrusive sheets (p.43) -- Lavas and tuffs (p.43) -- Structures (p.44) -- Chinati uplift (p.44) -- The Morita uplift (p.46) – Dips (p.46) -- Tangential faults (p.48) -- Radiating faults (p.50) -- Secondary changes in some rocks (p.52) -- Igneous metamorphism (p.52) -- Changes effected by ground moisture (p.52) -- Mineral deposits (p.54) – Lodes (p.54) – Chimneys (p.54) -- Contacts (p.54) -- Fissures (p.55) -- Fault-fissures (p.57) -- Fissured zones (p.59) -- Summary of geological events (p.59) – Acknowledgments (p.60)

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