Predicting coarse aggregate performance using the micro-Deval test with strength and intrinsic particle property tests

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Hampel, Kevin William

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Numerous tests exist in the field of aggregate qualification which have little to no relation to field performance. Many aggregate sources have been restricted in their use due to non-conforming results from a test that has little relation to field performance. Many aggregates have also been used in projects because of acceptable test results but have resulted in premature and costly repairs. The aggregate industry needs a test that better correlates test results to field performance. Micro-Deval has shown potential as a good indicator for field performance. The micro-Deval wet abrasion test for coarse aggregate is studied to determine the ability of the test to predict field performance for various uses and mineralogical backgrounds when used in combination with other aggregate tests. Forty-two aggregates were obtained from across the United States and Canada with varying field performance ratings, uses, and mineralogy. General correlations are developed between the micro-Deval test and other laboratory tests as well as determining the ability of the micro-Deval test to predict field performance when used in combination with other laboratory tests


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