Solid Freeform Fabrication Assisting Free Fibula Flap for the Reconstructive Surgery of Mandibular Defects

Wang, Wanshan
Wu, Wenzheng
Yu, Tianbiao
Qin, Xingjun
Chen, Yadong
Rosen, David W.
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The usage of RP models can shorten the operation time for reconstructive surgery of mandible defects using the free fibula flap technique and can improve the accuracy of mandible reconstruction. This paper reports on a case study of reconstructive surgery on a patient with a mandibular defect caused by a tumor. A customized mandible rapid prototype model was manufactured from the patient’s CT data and was used to simulate the reconstructive surgery procedure. A customized titanium plate was shaped using the mandible RP model as a pattern before surgery. The usage of a mandible RP model reduced the operation time by 1.5-2.5 hours and the shape precision of the reconstructed mandible was improved. The customized titanium plate was consistent with the mandible anatomy.