Danceworks Junction, Act I: Lady-boy, Count to Twelve, Alone in the Metal Garden, Endless Buttonings; January 29, 2005




Pavlik, Carolyn
Beckham, Andrea
Curran, Sean
Foley, Michael
Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance
Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks

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Performance at the McCullough Theatre, UT-Austin.


Saturday, Act I. Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance is grateful to acknowledge assistance from the Hartwright Foundation (Count to Twelve). Choreography: Carolyn Pavlik (Lady-boy, Endless Buttonings), Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance (Count to Twelve), Sean Curran (Alone in the Metal Garden), Michael Foley (The Sky Is Falling). Dance Company: Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks. Dancers: Carolyn Pavlik (Lady-Boy); Jessica Goulding, Andrea Beckham (Count to Twelve); Mary Williford-Shade (Alone in the Metal Garden); Theresa Hardy, Andee Scott (The Sky Is Falling); Dawn Darelik, Carolyn Pavlik, Karen Sorenson, Roxanne Saenz Gage, Lisa Voorhies (Endless Buttonings) Sound: Jeff Curtis (Lady-boy, Endless Buttonings); Sean Perry and Timothy Harold, Wonder Twins AudioVisuals, Inc. (Count to Twelve). Videography: Lisa Voorhies and Heather Mitchell (Lady-boy); Lisa Voorhies (Endless Buttonings); Jose Luis Bustamante (The Circular Ruins). Costumes: Carolyn Pavlik (Lady-boy); Laura Cannon (Count to Twelve); Marketa Fantova (Alone in the Metal Garden). Music: La Java des Bombes Atomiques by Etron Fou LeLoublan (Lady-boy); Ryah M. Christensen (Count to Twelve); Tigger Benford (Alone in the Metal Garden); Arvo Part (The Sky Is Falling); "Weeping Willow Blues," Bessie Smith (Endless Buttonings). Concept: Tre Arenz (Count to Twelve). Lighting: Monique R. Norman (Count to Twelve). Text: "Untitled," by Pablo Neruda, translated by W.S. Merwin (Count to Twelve).


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