Starch deposition in Cosmarium subtumidum




Cuyler, Esther Arsinoé Solcher

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The present investigation was undertaken to determine, if possible, the manner by which starch is deposited in the vicinity of the pyrenoid of Cosmarium subtumidum Nordst., and the influence of glucose and peptone in light and in darkness on this process. It is generally conceded that the presence of starch in the cells of the Chlorophyceae group of algae is in some manner associated with or related to the pyrenoid, numerous investigations have been carried on in an attempt to explain the relationship between the starch and the pyrenoid in such plants. The results have been varied. Not all of the investigations have been concerned directly with the study of the pyrenoid, but most of them in some way mention or refer to the changes exhibited by the pyrenoid in the plants they have studied. The genus Cosmarium was described by Corda in 1834. It is the largest of the genera of Desmids and includes many species