Final report, nitrogen processes study (NIPS) : analysis and synthesis of data collected in Nueces/Corpus Christi and San Antonio Bays, Texas. Component 9, Hydrography




Amos, Anthony F.

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To Texas Water Development Board
TWDB Contract #9-483-706, Interagency Contract Number [88-89]1434
15 December 1989
This report covers the hydrography and circulation within Corpus Christi and Nueces Bay and, to a lesser extent, the San Antonio Bay system. A major part of this component of NIPS-II involved an attempt to measure year-long time-series of currents, sea temperature and salinity, tides and weather conditions at key locations in the Corpus Christi/Nueces Estuary. The interpretation of these data is not complete because the instruments were not removed until August 1989 and the complex analysis of such long time-series is still in progress. A supplement to this report will be submitted in 1990. The bulk of this present report is devoted to the long-term data series, which so far has proven to be a most valuable and revealing information source. The report is in two parts. Part 1 is a description of the field work, methods, analysis, and discussion of the data, and Part 2 contains the data in the form of listings and plots. Part 1 is divided into three sections: Hydrography, Currents, Tides and Weather. Table 1 gives a chronology of events during this project.