Pulsed Power from Inertial Storage with Homopolar Machines for Conversion

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Woodson, H.H.
Rylander, H.G
Weldon, W.F.

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Because of its simplicity, an inertial energy storage with a homopolar machine for conversion can provide a relatively inexpensive pulsed-power supply for some important applications. The fundamental principles of operation of homopolar machines are given along with configurations that have been used or proposed and scaling laws for each configuration. Operating characteristics and costs are described as functions of energy level, discharge time and voltage level. The physical limitations on system performance are described to define the ranges of applicability of the concept.


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H.H. Woodson, H.G. Rylander, and W.F. Weldon, “Pulsed power from inertial storage with homopolar machines for conversion,” IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A., November 9-11, 1976.