Some public school changes in Texas from 1928 to 1933




Collins, Robert Alexander

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The purpose of this investigation has been to find out the changes which have taken place in the public school systems of Texas during the period from 1927-28 to 1932-33, inclusive, with special emphasis on the period from 1929-30 to 1932-33, called the period of "Economic Depression." A study was made of the changes in school budgetary expenditures of the state in relation to the whole of the United States and to the main geographical divisions of the Nation. The investigation covered the two types of school districts of the State, the independent and common school districts. The independent school districts were studied by population groups corresponding to those arranged by the State Department of Education based on the 1930 Federal Census ... The schools of the common school districts of Texas which were studied include the districts of fifty-two counties representing all principal economic divisions of the State. The changes which took place in the schools of both the independent and common school districts of the State include those affecting the number of pupils by grades or school organizations, the number of administrators, supervisors and various kinds of classroom instructors, the salaries of administrators, supervisors, and various types of classroom teachers, and the qualifications of the various types of teachers as measured by training, experience, and tenure